Art. 5.

The Association for the Protection of Bulgarian Producers and Traders has as its main objective to assist and defend the private initiative of Bulgarian entrepreneurs and traders, to represent their economic and social interests before governmental bodies and other organizations.


Art. 6. The Association has set the following specific objectives:

To support the research, development and methodological activities of the Bulgarian companies.

To form a community of like-minded for relations with the state and municipal institutions for a protection against the bureaucracy, corruption and racketeeringт.

To facilitate for the relations with the electronic media, the press and the general public by promoting the activity of the Bulgarian companies and the obstacles faced by the state and municipal institutions.

To assist in the process of integration of Bulgaria into the European economic structures through the implementation of international cooperation with other relevant organizations.


Art. 7. The Association has set the following objectives:

To protect the constitutional rights of the Bulgarian producers and traders, according to the free market principles- personal liberty, private property and private initiative.

To collect, summarize and offer  ideas and the projects change of the legislation.

To enhance the quality of its members in the field of legal and economic regulations.

To provide high quality legal protection.

To assist in and participate in the development of projects.

To promote the products of its members of the internal and external market.

To organize courses in micro and macro economics, seminars, presentations and more.


Art. 8.

These tasks the Association performs as representing its members before the governmental bodies and other institutions. Creates and develops infrastructure, data centers, periodicals and mutual fund.