Art. 10.

For members of the  Association may be adopted legal entities and individuals - legally able as required by Article 2 of the public utility, who share the goals and ideas of the Association , adopted the Statute, pay membership dues and are willing to participate in the activities of the Association.


Art. 11.

(1) Membership in the Association shall be certified by a membership card "BALCARD".
The founders of the Association become members with the act of incorporation.
Admission of new members of the Board becomes the basis of an application, which declares a desire for membership in the Association.


Art.12. Termination of membership in the Association is done by:

Written notice to the Board;

Upon termination or initiation of bankruptcy or death of individuals;

Exclusion due to non-payment of membership dues;

Exclusion by the General Assembly of the founders in the event that any member violates the Statute, undermines the prestige and reputation of the Association;


Art. 13. The members of the Association have the following rights:

To vote and to be elected at all levels in the bodies of the Association;

To request and receive an information on the work of its bodies;

To use an equal expertise and all kinds of the information and other services that the Association provides;

To participate in the definition of its program goals and objectives;

To request and participate in solidarity actions of the Association as a whole or of its structures to protect the economic and social interests of the entrepreneurs in the field of the private initiative;

To use the international contacts of the Association with related organizations and institutions;


Art. 14. he members of the Association shall have the following duties:

To protect and promote the good name of the Association, through its activities as entrepreneurs and citizens;

To comply with this Statute;

To pay membership dues;

To support each other and participate in the initiative of the Association relating to the construction and development of the infrastructure for the service members;