Art. 15. Management bodies of the Association are:

General Assembly

Management Board





Art. 16.

The General Assembly involved the members of the Association

Art. 17.

(1) Regular General Assembly meets once a year;
The General Assembly is regularly and can take decisions if present the half of its members;

General Assembly:

Decides to establish the Association and its termination;

Determines the initial endowment of the Association;

Decides the changes  in  the Statute of the Association;

Approves the established plan of the Association;

Decides to create regional bodies of the Association;

Provides the guidance in the activities of the Association.



Art. 18.

(1) The Management Board shall organize and direct the activities of the Association in accordance with the Statute and the resolutions of the General Assembly;
(2)The Management Board shall consist of three to seven members. The mandate of the Management Board is three years;
(3) The Management Board shall be convened and presided by the Chairman.

Чл. 19. The Management Board has the following functions:

Implements the decisions of the meetings of the founders;

Plans, organizes and supervises the activities of the Association;

Shall direct the Association;

Manages the assets of the Association;

Prepares the staff establishment plan of the Association;

Undertakes any other activities for which it is authorized;

Art. 20.

(1) Decisions of the Management Board shall be taken by open ballot and a simple majority.
(2) The term of the first Management Board elected to the Constituent Assembly shall be three years and cannot be terminated before the expiry date.



Art. 21.

(1) The Association shall be represented by the Chairman of the Association.
(2) The Chairman:

1. Organizes and manages in accordance with this Statute the implementing the decisions of the General Assembly and the Management Board;

2. Presides over the meetings of the Management Board;

3. Appoints and dismisses the  employees of the Association as approved by the Management Board;

4. In the absence of the Chairman, the performance of his/her functions are carried out by a person appointed by the him;



Art. 22.

The controller is elected for a term of three years and may not be a member of the Association, but has to give the consent for this.

Art. 23.

The controller:

Checks the financial  and accounting activities and the proper use of funds;

Issues  statements to the General Assembly on the report of the Management Board;

Reports its activities to the General Assembly;