Art. 9. In carrying out its aims and objectives the Association:

Provides members with a regular economic and regulatory information on topical issues;

Coordinates and organizes the creation, including the implementation of national and international systems and databases for the business, industry, economic and commercial information;

Provides tribune for all current problems of the Bulgarian producers and traders through an electronic and print media, providing a special discount on the advertising;

Prepares and submits proposals for changes in the normative acts  at all levels, encouraging the initiative and the removal of such, which are prejudicial to the interests of Bulgarian producers and traders;

Organizes courses, seminars, conferences, symposia and others to promote the increased knowledge in the required fields;

Provides information, marketing and other services for its members, qualification opportunities and training, assistance for application through programs that promote the entrepreneurs in different sectors;

Assists in communicating with the executive authorities on current issues of the companies, which are members of the Association;